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Innovation Insights: A Research Talk with Ben Castleman and Kelli Bird

Human vs. Algorithmic Predictions in Education

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November 6, 2023, 12:00 PM - November 6, 2023, 1:00 PM



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Algorithms are increasingly used in the education sector to predict which students need additional support or to recommend educational pathways and opportunities for students. We’re excited to invite you to the Center for Academic Innovation’s latest Innovation Insights: A Research Talk with Ben Castleman, Newton and Rita Meyers Associate Professor in Economics of Education at the University of Virginia, and Kelli Bird, Research Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia. 

In Humans vs. Algorithmic Predictions in Education, Castleman and Bird will present emerging evidence on the accuracy of human versus algorithmic predictions, how educators respond to algorithmic recommendations, and the presence and implications of algorithmic bias in education.

A Zoom link will be provided upon registration. We hope to see you there!


Innovation Insights

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About Ben Castleman

Ben Castleman is the Newton and Rita Meyers Associate Professor in the Economics of Education at the University of Virginia. Castleman's research develops scalable solutions in education and public policy by leveraging behavioral economics and data science strategies in the context of research-policy partnerships. He was a senior advisor to former First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher Initiative. He has presented his research at several White House convenings and in testimony before Congress.   

Castleman's research has appeared in top public policy and economics journals, including The Journal of Labor Economics, The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, and The Journal of Human Resources. His research has been generously supported by numerous philanthropic foundations and has received extensive media coverage, including The New York Times, National Public Radio, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post.


About Kelli Bird

Kelli Bird's research focuses on designing and evaluating programs and policies to improve higher education outcomes among at-risk populations. Bird has worked with several large organizations, including the Common App and the U.S. Army to design, implement, and evaluate large-scale interventions to improve higher education outcomes for at-risk populations.

In her current role as research director of Nudge4 Solutions Lab, she leads data and analytic efforts across a number of projects with the lab’s state partners aimed at increasing the share of working adults with holding postsecondary credentials.