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Innovation Insights: A Research Talk with Sarah Dysart

How Participation in MOOCs Impacts Motivation To Enroll in an Online Degree Program

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March 4, 2024, 12:00 PM - March 4, 2024, 1:00 PM



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In this Innovation Insights Research Talk, Sarah Dysart, senior director of online learning at the Center for Academic Innovation, will showcase details of a study examining the influence of MOOC participation on learners’ motivation and decision-making process toward enrolling in a master's degree. The study involved participants enrolled in a selection of MOOCs associated with a U-M online master's degree program. Expectancy Value Theory and models of Self-Regulated Learning are the grounding frameworks for examining whether various sub-components of value and self-efficacy changed throughout participation in a MOOC, and whether expectancies for success, values, and self-regulated learning strategies at the end of the course showed a relationship with degree program enrollment intentions.

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About Sarah Dysart

Sarah Dysart has over 20 years’ experience supporting and leading online education initiatives in higher education, serving the past eight years in leadership roles responsible for providing strategic support for the development, launch, and administration of online and hybrid degree programs. She currently serves as senior director for online learning at the University of Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation, where she is responsible for a portfolio of learning experiences, including non-credit online courses and content, non-credit pathways to credit, and online and hybrid degree programs that include stackable pathways to support the needs for global lifelong learners.