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Innovation Insights: A Talk with Quentin McAndrew

The Power of Stackable Learning Pathways into Degree Programs

Date & Time

October 23, 2023, 10:30 AM - October 23, 2023, 11:30 AM


Center for Academic Innovation – 317 Maynard Street

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Quentin McAndrew, academic strategist at Coursera, will share her experience developing and supporting the growth of learner-centric, stackable learning pathways into degree programs at CU Boulder and Coursera. The talk will be facilitated by Sarah Dysart, senior director of online learning at the Center for Academic Innovation. Q&A is encouraged throughout a short presentation.


Innovation Insights

The Center for Academic Innovation brings together people who want to transform education, share knowledge, and increase learner success by hosting inspiring talks, collaborative problem-solving workshops, and discussions on the latest in educational research and practice. The Innovation Insights series features a diverse lineup of topics, delivered by leaders in academia and private industry, united by the common goals of delivering insights into how to further academic innovation and build the future of education.


About Quentin McAndrew

As Coursera’s Global Academic Portfolio Strategist, Dr. McAndrew oversees the acquisition strategy and performance of all university content. She also collaborates with university partners to design innovative educational programs that deliver transformative opportunities to learners everywhere. Previously, Dr. McAndrew served as Assistant Vice Provost for Academic and Learning Innovation at University of Colorado Boulder, where she grew Boulder's Coursera portfolio from 16 courses to almost 200 and launched two degrees. She was an architect of Boulder's performance-based admissions pathways and fully stackable curriculum. Dr. McAndrew teaches a highly rated Business Writing course on Coursera, with students from 165 countries. Dr. McAndrew has won awards for her writing and research, and she brings private sector and higher education experience to her role. She holds a BA and MA from Stanford University and a PhD from University of Colorado Boulder, all in English.