Extend Academic Excellence

Expand Public Purpose

End Education Privilege

Our Mission & Principles

We are designing the future of learning through research, innovation, experimentation, and iteration.

We believe an informed, peaceful, equitable, and empowered society is dependent on learners everywhere adopting a learning lifestyle, and educational institutions creating and disseminating new knowledge to provide sustainable solutions to:

  • Advance Learning
  • Facilitate Problem Solving
  • Foster Equity and Inclusivity
  • Increase Access and Affordability

We strive to make our world-class public research university’s learning experiences accessible at scale.

We create new models for global, engaged, and lifelong learning experiences for students at the University of Michigan and around the world.

We harness design, technology, and educational research to shape the future of learning.


We encourage active, engaged learners, because learning is not a passive experience, by transcending expectations of what is expected in a learning experience.


We support learners in adopting a lifelong learning lifestyle to help them become informed, peaceful, equitable, and empowered citizens.


We embrace complex challenges and invite perspectives from across higher education and the general public to generate solutions.


We relentlessly pursue diverse perspectives and seek inspiration from unexpected places.

Equitable & Inclusive

We create learning environments that cultivate a sense of belonging and foster a foundation of equity and inclusion so that, together, we can make progress on solving the problems that matter most.


We offer open, accessible learning experiences to make our knowledge as accessible to global learners as it is to the residential campus.


We conduct research, on our own and with faculty, to assess our impact, continuously improve our work, and openly share our data and findings.

We believe that our work will be the most impactful, and most fulfilling, through consistent and thoughtful efforts to maintain these principles.