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New Specialization Intro to Finance: Valuation and Investing

Professor Gautam Kaul at the Ross School of Business has created a new series of online courses called Introduction to Finance: Valuation and Investing.

This series of online courses (Specialization) will consist of 4 integrated courses that build up to a capstone project, all with an applied nature, which enable learners to understand and apply the principles of valuation to many of the personal and professional decisions we confront on a daily basis. Topics include time value of money and decision making, risk-return, bonds, stocks, alternative methods for valuation, as well as valuing projects and companies.

This Specialization builds upon Gautam’s experience leading the Introduction to Finance online course (which has reached over 800K students since 2012), teaching an innovative Global Finance course in the Executive Education program, and development of digital assets for the Master of Business Administration program’s Fast Track in Finance curriculum.

Enrollment is currently open for the first course in the specialization, which will begin on September 15. For additional information and/or to enroll, please visit We also invite you to join the conversation for the course by using the course hashtag #UMFIE (Finance Is Everywhere).


Professor Gautam Kaul
Professor of Finance & Fred M. Taylor Professor of Business Administration
Ross School of Business
University of Michigan

Qin Lie
Ross School of Business
University of Michigan