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Barb Medvec

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Cultivating Leadership Competency through XR

Project description

This project aims to provide an innovative approach to leadership development that can develop both experience and competency of new nursing leaders with competencies that are needed during crisis and change. The experience includes simulations that close the gap in new leader knowledge, skill, and ability to develop competency in the “soft skills” such as building trust, inspiring excellence, applying emotional intelligence, communicating effectively, addressing conflict, competing negotiations, and exemplifying professionalism, as well as promoting strategic alignment via presentation and professional influence.
Development Platform
Development Team/Production Team
Suzanne White-Knight, Tarnisha McLaughlin-Grayson

Learning Goals

  1. Feel engaged in addressing bias, racism, and other issues in alignment with the institution’s values and expectations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  2. Recognize appropriate resources to use for themselves and their teams to support the values and expectations of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  3. Reflect on intended outcomes versus impact and seek continued training to increase competency.