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Atlas displays data about the U-M curriculum to guide U-M students, instructors, and staff in decision-making.

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Course, Major, and Instructor Profiles

  • Course Profile pages display data about an individual course, allowing users to learn about what type of students take the course, what students have reported about the course in evaluations, average grade distribution, and much more.
  • Major Profile pages show data about students who have received a particular degree in the last 10 years.
  • Instructor Profile pages feature a list of the recent courses an instructor has taught and a summary of the evaluations students have given that instructor.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard is a personalized hub for users. It includes a quick overview of their academic information and collections of courses that they’ve created.

Academic Spotlights

Academic Spotlights provide interesting views of academic data from the university, like the largest courses at U-M, fastest growing degree programs, and professors who have won an award for their teaching.

I adore Atlas. I use Atlas with nearly every advising appointment. It answers most of the common questions I hear from students regarding their courses. It’s an empowering tool for students and advisors alike in creating a degree plan best suited for a student’s interests.
Kristel Oelke
Senior Academic Advisor
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