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Engaged learning through immersive role-playing simulations.

ViewPoint is the all-in-one platform for creating, facilitating, and participating in role-playing simulations.


You can adapt pre-existing simulations and case studies in ViewPoint, or design a brand new simulation. Using the Queued Content feature, script surprising moments into your simulation by scheduling the release of messages and resources. The Branching Scenario feature enables your participants to reach multiple possible outcomes in the simulation, based on the choices they make.

Facilitate & Participate

During the simulation, facilitators and participants can communicate and collaborate with anyone else in the simulation through events, messages, and social media-style posts. They can use the dynamic calendar to visualize the implications of potential decisions in the simulation, which using the real-time activity stream to stay up to date with what’s happening.

The energy in the classroom increases when we’re doing the simulation. It’s learning by doing.
Daniel Hummel
Assistant Professor of Public Administration at U-M Flint
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