Spire tool logo showing an illustrated mountain peak next to the word Spire

Plan, Curate, & Track Competency Development

Spire delivers a comprehensive solution for student competency engagement, development, representation, and assessment.

Students Can Tell Their Professional Story

Spire lets students:

  • Set goals for skills and competencies they want to improve
  • Find opportunities to build those competencies
  • Track and reflect on experiences in a central location

Guide Student Growth

Faculty and staff define the professional competencies for their students and list development opportunities. Students can then engage with and curate a wide range of competency-aligned opportunities.

Spire allows program administrators to:

  • Encourage students to build competencies that are core to career success
  • Highlight opportunities for students to gain practical experience
  • Access data analytics and insights into student activity
  • Assess & Provide Feedback

    Spire allows staff to:

  • Easily manage subsets of larger groups (sections, cohorts, etc.)
  • Readily add new opportunities and tailor information based on student interests
  • Review, approve, and provide feedback
  • Spire is the connective tissue between a multitude of experiences, both curricular and co-curricular. Having an individualized platform allows us to make that connective tissue for them. They understand how something in a class in their sophomore year might connect to an experience they had in a club activity.
    Cathy Shakespeare
    Arthur Andersen Professor of Accounting, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor of Accounting, Stephen M. Ross School of Business
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