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B.S. Environmental Science, University of Michigan, 2016

Crystal Cole

Course Operations Specialist

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:

The team here is passionate about pursuing the expansion and improvement of online courses for the same reasons I am: accessible, inclusive, open education. I have some experience teaching in a variety of settings, but not online yet! I love the fast pace and the constantly changing array of courses we deliver and manage.

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

Crystal focuses on health courses as part of the Course Operations Team, which supports, iterates and engages learners within our live online courses. Prior to Academic Innovation, Crystal worked at U-M’s LSA Technology Services, providing faculty, staff and student support in using the many technology tools at their disposal. Her passion is in making knowledge, learning, and teaching fun, accessible, and effective.

Ask me to learn about:

U-M teaching technologies; knitting; aquaponics; recycling

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