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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan

Eleanor Daftuar

Associate Director, Media Design and Production

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation

Growing up, I was an enthusiastic learner who cherished my time in the classroom. I also spent countless hours at home exploring subjects like web development and graphic design. This lifelong passion for self-guided learning has converged with my creative interests at the Center for Academic Innovation, where I am able to fuse my love for multimedia production, creative & technical writing, and most importantly, supporting others in bringing their projects to life. Our expansive portfolio is a tapestry of unique initiatives, providing daily opportunities to collaborate with some very talented colleagues. These experiences not only enrich my own knowledge but also provide a firsthand view of the ever-evolving potential of online education. I’m excited to be part of a team that is shaping the future of learning.

Current Roles/Previous Experience

In her role as Associate Director, Eleanor oversees the Media Design team while working across teams to create multimedia assets that enhance online learning experiences.

Before joining the Center for Academic Innovation, Eleanor supported engaged learning activities at the University of Michigan’s Duderstadt Center, and designed a range of media projects that showcased exceptional teaching styles in non-traditional classrooms. During that time, she rotated through many roles traditionally associated with a production crew. This included tasks such as operating cameras during theater productions, conducting video interviews, capturing intricate multitracked musical performances, and even maintaining world-class recording studios. She also explored new digital publication platforms, designed print media, developed websites, and managed the Duderstadt Center’s Design Labs. Prior to working at the Duderstadt Center, Eleanor offered portable lecture capture solutions in classrooms across U-M’s campus, preparing her well for her future in online learning.

Ask Me to Learn About

  • That crazy thing you want to do in Photoshop
  • Writing, recording, and performing music
  • The golden era of The Simpsons