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BFA, Communication Design, College for Creative Studies

Krystal Brauer

Multimedia Designer

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation

As a lifelong resident of the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area, the University of Michigan has always been a presence in my life. After finishing my BFA at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I gained a passion for education while working with the School of Public Health. I was excited to join the Center for Academic Innovation as a Multimedia Designer to expand on my interest in mission and process-driven work. I believe that further utilizing design can be used to advance the mission of innovation within the Center and across the University, and I chose to work here to explore what that journey could look like and to collaborate with the great designers that are already a part of the process!

Current Roles/Previous Experience

In her role as Multimedia Designer, Krystal is looking forward to further shaping the visual identity of the Center for Academic Innovation. Krystal also collaborates with the marketing team to design and produce marketing materials, event promotions, and branding elements to effectively communicate with students, faculty, and the community.

Krystal has accumulated over eight years working as a graphic designer for a range of institutions. Over this span of time, she has developed an especially strong understanding of typography, composition, and color theory. Previously, Krystal worked with the City of Ann Arbor to design and improve wayfinding systems in places such as public pools, canoe liveries, and golf courses. Krystal also has experience collaborating with clients in the nonprofit sector, including organizations focused on social justice and community development.

Ask Me to Learn About

  • Cross stitching
  • Movies
  • Nail polish
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