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PhD, Cognitive and Quantitative Psychology, University of Nebraska

MA, Cognitive and Quantitative Psychology, University of Nebraska

BA, Psychology, Oakland University

Mark Mills

Data Scientist

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation

I work at the Center for Academic Innovation because its mission of designing the future of education is impactful, transformative, and ultimately super exciting. Being able to work with a like-minded team to research and develop educational tools and technologies that improve education and make it more accessible for everyone is a dream that AI allows me to live out.

Current Roles/Previous Experience

Mark is responsible for leading analysis across the Center in support of the Center’s mission to leverage data for shaping innovation in higher education.

Prior to joining AI, Mark was a Psychology Professor who researched methods for classifying cognitive state from eye movements and taught Statistics.

Ask Me to Learn About

  • Eye Tracking
  • Political Psychology
  • Snow/Water Sports
  • Hobby Farming