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Bachelor of the Arts in Screen Arts & Cultures and Asian Languages and Cultures – University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Micah Vanderhoof

Media Design and Production Lead

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation

I have a deep passion for exploring the boundaries of visual storytelling through cinematography, editing, animation, and experimentation. Additionally, I’m commitment to supporting and expanding the academic community – all of which have lead me to Academic Innovation. The creative and academic possibilities presented here are an exciting and inspiring challenge!

Current Roles/Previous Experience

Media Designer at CAI, working with faculty and staff to visualize, shoot, and edit online course content. Previously worked for LS&A Technology Services as an Audio Visual Technician supporting faculty and staff using technology in learning spaces on campus and for the Northwest Film Center / Portland Art Museum as Theater Operations Manager.

Ask Me to Learn About

Codecs, chroma subsampling, the cinematic history of aspect ratios, analogue (35mm/16mm) film shooting and projection, the proliferation and codifying of new visual languages on YouTube and other contemporary media platforms, and how to improve your experimental film viewing experience.