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BA, Music (composition focus), Earlham College

Michael Skib

Quality Assurance Analyst

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation

I choose to work at Academic Innovation for many reasons. I am passionate about expanding access to educational resources, improving the quality of educational experiences through innovative means, and I truly enjoy the challenge and excitement that goes along with working in a rapidly evolving space.

Current Roles/Previous Experience

In my time at Academic Innovation I’ve held three distinct roles: first, I was an instructional media specialist recording and editing lectures, coaching faculty in on camera performance and consulting with them on course design whenever needed. I then moved into the role of “course builder”, where I was responsible for implementing our courses in the online platforms we partner with, conducting QA on those courses, and assisting with the support and maintenance of live courses. In past lives I have worked in the University of Michigan’s Library Finance Office. I am also a freelance audio engineer and music producer.

Ask Me to Learn About

How to create that classic 1980s snare sound. You know, the one that sounds like a cat sneeze? Yeah, that one.