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Bachelor of Science in Computing, University of South Africa

Nasreen Mahomed

Software Developer

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation

As someone who grew up in South Africa and being a first generation university graduate, I’ve seen first hand the impact eduction has on peoples lives. As such, I’ve developed a passion for making quality, affordable education more accessible to everyone. I was attracted to the Center of Academic Innovation’s revolutionary goals to reshape the future of learning through technology and I was excited to work with likeminded, diverse people on projects could redefine learning as a whole.

Current Roles/Previous Experience

Nas is currently a Software Developer at the Center of Academic Innovation, working primarily on the ecoach platform.

Prior to joining the Center for Academic Innovation, Nas worked as a full-stack web developer for Southern Africa’s largest tech education provider, HyperionDev. Hyperiondev is an ed-tech startup based in Cape Town, South Africa whose aim is to close the technical skills gap in South Africa by offering accessible coding courses and bootcamps as alternatives to traditional university degrees. In her almost four years at HyperionDev, Nas helped ensure that they met that goal by implementing both back-end and front-end features and functionality for all HyperionDev’s websites and platforms.

Ask Me to Learn About

  • Software Development
  • Writing
  • Anything to do with freshwater aquariums
  • Sneakers