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MS in Computer Science from University of Michigan Dearborn (in progress, but am looking to transfer to Ann Arbor)

BS in Computer Science from California State University Monterey Bay

Sean Vucinich

Course Operations Specialist (Programming)

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:

Being able to combine aspects of my own education, with a background in Computer Science, and previous job experience in several different education focused roles, drew me to this role initially. After seeing the wide range of expertise the whole team at Academic Innovation bring with them, and the passion that everyone here showcases with their work, I knew it was the right choice.

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

As a Course Operations Specialist, Sean promotes learner engagement, iteration, and learner storytelling in online courses focused around the area of Computer Science.

Prior to his current role, Sean has previously worked as an Instructional Aide at a middle school in California, which was focused on better preparing students for high school and college. Before that, Sean had worked as a Technology Assistant in the Disability Resource office at his undergraduate university, CSUMB, and as a high-school and college level tutor.

Ask me to learn about:

Data Science/Computer Science

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