MA – Digital Media Art and Technology (Telecommunications), Michigan State University

BAA – Broadcast and Cinematic Arts/Sociology Double Major, Central Michigan University

Tim O'Brien

Technical Innovation & Platforms Lead

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation:

“I’m grateful every day to have ended up working with such curious, talented, and creative colleagues on improving the efficacy of, and increasing access to, education. I don’t think I could be in a better place to contribute to building a more informed society and world, and I’m proud and honored to be here at this moment.”

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

Media practitioner, technologist, experimenter, iterator, innovator, interlocutor, idealist, professional Macho Man Randy Savage impersonator.

Ask me to learn about:

Media technology and techniques
Vintage stereo equipment
Vinyl record collecting
My opinions about politics, and most importantly, bird-dogging landlords to get HVAC systems repaired

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