XR Resources

Equipment Checkout

CAI maintains a lending library Quest 1, 2, & 3 VR headsets, Hololens MR headsets, and 360° cameras. These can be borrowed by U-M faculty, staff, and students for short-term projects.

Virtual Reality
Oculus Quest 1, 2, & 3

Glasses capable of overlaying digital content in the real world


Mixed Reality
Hololens 2

Glasses capable of overlaying digital content in the real world


360 Camera

Glasses capable of overlaying digital content in the real world


Interested in a class activity using XR? Consult with our team.

Licenses to XR Tools

CAI holds some commercial licenses to XR applications and tools that can be shared with U-M faculty, students, and staff. Consult with our team to learn more.

Have you discussed using Uptale or Sketchfab for your project with our team? Learn more about requesting access to our institutional accounts.

XR Collaborators - Faculty/Staff

ETG at Duderstadt

Available Resources: Oculus Quest, Hololens 2

M-R 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
F-Su 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Center for Medical and Surgical XR (CMSXR)

The Center for Medical and Surgical eXtended Reality (CMSXR) fosters engagement and development of medical extended reality technologies at the University of Michigan for the advancement of education, research, clinical care, and medical innovation
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CAEN can provide the College of Engineering faculty with resources and guidance to explore XR. CAEN also has spaces on campus to explore this technology.
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Digital Studies Institute

The Digital Studies Institute provides space on campus for scholars of the humanities and qualitative social sciences to explore digital media and gain additional support
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The XR Community of Practice meets monthly to discuss topics and trends surrounding XR technology on campus.
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XR Collaborators - Student Groups


The Alternate Reality Initiative is a student group that focuses on XR technology and development. They aim to Explore, Learn, Build, and Connect with XR through weekly meetings.
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WolverineSoft is a video game development student group. They provide students with hands-on multidisciplinary experience in game design, feature implementation, asset creation, and production.
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Collaborative Lab for Advancing Work in Space

CLAWS is a student-run lab with the mission to develop innovative, human-centered, and software-driven technologies for human space exploration. Supported by NASA teams, there are several ongoing XR projects.
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Michigan Animation Club

The Michigan Animation Club is dedicated to creating and appreciating animation. It is a space for both artists and enthusiasts who wish to further their skills in animation and illustration.
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XR for Everybody MOOC Reference

Led by assistant professor Michael Nebling, XR for Everybody is available on Coursera 12/15/2020. The 3 courses within XR for Everybody cover the fundamental concepts of XR, how to design and develop XR applications, how to discuss the emerging key issues in the landscape of XR, and how to bring XR into instructional settings.

XR Graduate Certificate

The Rackham Graduate Certificate in Extended Reality program offers students a set of common experiences and shared knowledge, while also allowing students with diverse backgrounds and interests to shape their XR course plan in a way that best suits their goals.