Sharing Philosophies Across Institutions: 2015 EDUCAUSE Conference

We are excited to connect with innovators and discuss ideas for transforming higher education at the annual EDUCAUSE Conference this week. The conference is an opportunity for us to address community-wide issues, learn from diverse perspectives in higher education and collaborate on best practices in order to cultivate a shared future direction. James Hilton, Dean of Libraries and Vice Provost for Digital Education and Innovation, and Steven Lonn, Assistant Director of Assessment and Evaluation, will present at the conference and discuss the role of academic partnerships, learning engagement and learning analytics in higher education.

Hilton Accepting the AwardReclaiming Audacity through a shared academic vision will be the topic of James Hilton’s featured talk. Hilton will discuss how a shared academic vision across institutions will provide a collaborative environment to overcome constraints as we work towards a transformative future for higher education “that fosters the audacious vision of a differentiated, personalized, transformative education in the 21st century.” His talk will highlight how a key feature for future success in today’s complex higher education landscape will require multi-institutional collaboration.

In the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries, public education was the pathway out of poverty. Education—basic research—produced transformative changes and developments like the Internet. That was an audacious vision. What is that vision now, in the 21st century? For me, it’s the notion that education can be tailored and customized for every single individual. There is not one single education that’s right for all people in the world,” said Hilton in an interview with EDUCAUSE regarding his vision for the future of academia. Hilton’s visionary leadership and advocacy of information technology, scholarly information and research in higher education will be recognized at the conference when he receives the 2015 EDUCAUSE Leadership Award, the association’s highest honor.

Lonn will present on a panel discussion about Learning Analytics, “Moving the Red Queen Forward: Maturing Learning Analytics Practices,” where he will address topics of foundational elements of effective and adaptive analytics tools and their future use in higher education. Lonn will also present during the Digital Badges for Co-Curricular Learning Engagement Poster Session, providing a comparison between U-M and Penn State on the implementation and development of digital badge technology and its ability to demonstrate the competencies and growth of learners.

EDUCAUSE 2015 sessions will be available for web streaming October 28-30.

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