Giving Blueday 2016

Eric Joyce, Marketing Specialist

Giving Blueday

Tomorrow is the University of Michigan’s third annual Giving Blueday, a university-wide day of giving when the U-M community is asked to show its support for the many schools, colleges, departments and/or units at Michigan. Giving Blueday builds upon the global movement, Giving Tuesday, which is held annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving to celebrate and support giving and philanthropy in local communities fueled by the power of collaboration and social media. The Michigan community has joined that celebration and the Office of Academic Innovation asks for your support to drive new innovation shaping the future of teaching and learning and redefining public residential education for U-M’s third century.

Your support will galvanize Academic Innovation’s commitment to curricular innovation and leadership in learning analytics to enable personalized, engaged and lifelong learning opportunities for the U-M community and learners around the world. Help Academic Innovation leverage data analytics and innovative technologies to scale educational experiences for residential students at Michigan and lifelong learners. Your contribution can enable faculty to continue to pioneer experimentation in digital education and furthering Michigan’s reach to more than 5 million global learners as we near the development of Michigan’s 100th Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Gifts may be directed to help support our top priorities or a specific area of focus:

Engaged Learning – 326407
Gifts will be used to explore innovation in the residential experience to enhance learning for U-M students on campus through new technology-enhanced initiatives fostering broad and enduring participation at U-M.

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Lifelong Learning – 326408
Gifts will be used to support new modes of learning, from flipped classrooms to residential MOOCs to interdisciplinary programs, to accelerate lifelong learning and reach diverse communities of learners around the globe.

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Personalized Learning & Learning Analytics – 326409
Gifts will be used to support faculty and student research to create customized data driven, learner-centric experiences informed by learning analytics to improve student outcomes.

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Your generous gift will continue to enable faculty, staff and students to experiment with digital learning tools and platforms to enrich the residential experience for U-M students and enable new pathways for continued educational growth for more than a half a million Michigan alumni worldwide. Faculty innovators and Academic Innovation’s creative team of designers, developers, behavioral scientists and professional specialists from our three labs continue to investigate new learning technologies to enhance and evolve the learning landscape while assessing the impact of these innovations along the way.

Some of the new innovations and recent successes of the last year include the addition of Gradecraft and M-Write to the Digital Innovation Greenhouse (DIG) portfolio, formation of the new Gameful Learning Lab, launch of two new specializations in data science, making Michigan one of 13 universities to offer a MicroMasters and the only institution to launch three MicroMasters, expansion of personalized education tool ECoach to all first-year students reaching more than 15,000 U-M students to date and a $1.9 million grant from the National Science Foundation enabling Professor Tim McKay and the ECoach team to explore how personalization can help to advance equity on campus, especially in big science classes.

The Office of Academic Innovation has also been charged by President Schlissel and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Pollack to steward the Academic Innovation Initiative. This collaborative community discussion connects Academic Innovation’s commitments to academic excellence, inclusion and innovation in order to continue Michigan’s leadership role in defining how the world learns from and with a great public research university.

Your generous gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. Your participation in Giving Blueday will help to unlock new opportunities to advance a vision of equitable and advanced education harnessing the power of 19 schools and colleges.

No matter where you are, tomorrow is your day to support personalized, engaged, and lifelong learning for the U-M community and learners around the world. Give to Academic Innovation.

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