The Digital Education & Innovation Lab is Hiring Talented Problem Solvers

Dave Malicke, Operations Lead

The Digital Education and Innovation Lab (DEIL) within the Office of Academic Innovation partners with faculty to drive curricular innovation, and as a strategic priority for the University of Michigan, our work continues to grow. To help us keep pace with this accelerated growth we are excited to announce a number of new open positions. With the addition of new members to our creative team we will continue to unlock new opportunities for innovation in learning for the U-M community and learners around the world. These positions are:

Project Manager, Digital Learning Initiatives
The Project Manager reports to the Project Facilitation Lead and collaborates with faculty, course teams, instructional designers, learning experience designers, instructional, media specialists, external platform partners and other project managers to manage the scoping, design and development of online courses and other learning initiatives.

Learning Experience Designer
The Learning Experience Designer works closely with faculty, project managers, programmers, researchers, and media specialists to design and enhance courses and learning experiences. This role is a key contributor in expanding the capabilities of Academic Innovation and the School of Social Work to achieve our vision of transforming education. By leading instructional design processes, the Learning Experience Designer role assists faculty in incorporating best practices, learning theories, and engagement techniques in the development of new courses and the transformation of existing courses.

Community Engagement Manager
The Community Engagement Manager will collaborate with faculty, project managers, learning experience designers, and media producers to develop and lead a community of Course Advocates in the monitoring and maintenance of active courses, and the discovery of new audiences. This role signals a new opportunity to encourage participation in online courses, such as MOOCs, and to find new audiences for our digital initiatives

Course Iteration Manager
The Course Iteration Manager will collaborate with faculty, project managers, learning experience designers, and media producers to manage the review and iteration of online courses and other learning initiatives through the use of design and data driven thinking.

Media and Technology Solutions Engineer
A key component of the Media and Technology Solutions Engineer role is the development and management of a media asset management system for Academic Innovation. The incumbent will work to develop and maintain recording studio infrastructure, assess and address technical issues, identify opportunities for enhancement of workflows, develop new tools and technologies to support the advancement of innovation in teaching and learning, and participate in proactively designing a work environment where digital assets and workflows support efficiency and experimentation.

With more than 6 million enrollments across 112 courses, 61 of which are currently available on Coursera and edX, courses such as Python for Everybody, Data Science Ethics, Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change and exciting new global learning events in the Teach-Out Series, there are tremendous opportunities at DEIL to research and design learning experiences for the 21st century. The evolution of design in academic innovation is far from over, and we hope to continue our exploration with you on the team.

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