Educational Technology Academic Innovation Fund


Partner with the Center for Academic Innovation’s Educational Technology team to grow the campus community using educational technology to solve big problems facing students and faculty. We invite faculty and staff to collaborate with our team to adopt tools from our CAI portfolio that help students make better decisions, personalize learning, offer innovative pedagogy, and deliver important interventions at scale. We successfully closed the first round of funding for this call on June 10th. Awardees will be announced this July. The second round of funding has opened and proposals for adoption and consultative support will be accepted until August 1, 2022.


The Center for Academic Innovation aims to reimagine the future of higher education through curricular innovation, educational data and research, and educational technology. Over the last 6 years, we have developed a broad portfolio of software tools that have been used by all 19 schools and colleges that, together, reach over 95% of our student population. These tools enable innovative pedagogy, personalization at scale, and inspire new ways to engage in learning across academic programs and learning environments.

However, we know there are more great ideas across campus for additional ways and contexts that these technologies might be used. We also know that implementing new educational technology can take time and expert support to have the most impact. To that end, we would like to invite proposals to partner with the Center for Academic Innovation on expanding the use of one of our existing tools. In addition to support from our pedagogical and behavioral science experts, we are able to offset implementation costs with financial support of up to $5K. Current tools accepting applications for expanded usage are: 

  • Lettersmith is a writing support tool that provides structured guidance and encourages metacognition. [Link]
  • GradeCraft is a learning management system that supports gameful instruction, a pedagogical approach inspired by techniques and methods found in well-designed games. [Link]
  • ViewPoint is a platform for creating and delivering role-playing simulations. [Link]
  • Problem Roulette is a study tool for helping students succeed through practice with real exam problems from previous exams. [Link]

Proposal Requirements

  • Eligibility: All faculty, instructors, and staff are eligible to apply. 

Application Process

Fill out this application form, and email to by end of day August 1, 2022