Exam preparation in a points-free zone.

Problem Roulette helps students study by providing practice questions from previous exams in a points-free zone.

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Watch a demonstration of features such as Study Mode, Group Study and Exam Mode to study for courses and exams.
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Research-backed studying methods

Problem Roulette supports practice testing and distributed practice – study strategies that education research shows are the most effective. And the material is authentic: it’s from actual old exams.

Dynamic group study

In Problem Roulette, students can study with peers in real-time interactions, remotely or in person, using live chat to discuss their answers and approach. Students can also form consistent study groups, where members can choose to show or hide their identities.

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My STATS 250 students and I love Problem Roulette because it’s customizable. Students also really appreciate that they can save the questions they need extra help with to their dashboard. They bring these flagged questions in to office hours and a very dynamic and helpful discussion can take place, leading to better understanding of the underlying concepts.
Dr. Brenda Gunderson
Senior Lecturer, Statistics, University of Michigan
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