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Hera Kim-Berman

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Comparison of Student Learning of Head and Neck Anatomy and Diagnosis of Pathology Using XR

Project description

This research proposes that advanced visualization using VR can be leveraged to improve student learning of CBCT images and head and neck anatomy.
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Learning Goals

  1. Differentiate normal anatomical structures from anatomical variations and evidence of pathosis on CBCT images. 
  2. Develop a systematic approach to interpreting CBCT images.
  3. Describe any abnormalities or pathologic lesions/ entities identified on these images.
  4. Classify pathologic lesions based on their radiographic characteristics and use these descriptors to differentiate lesions that are most likely benign and innocuous from those that are most likely malignant.
  5. Understand the management and level of morbidity of the radiographic lesions presented.