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Learning Experience Design

Expanding LX Design Capacity at DEI

As our innovations at DEI grow in number and complexity, we have recognized the need for expanded capacity and expertise in learning experience and design. LX Design is a rapidly evolving field and a fruitful mash-up of instructional design, user experience design, and educational theory.

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Gameful Pedagogy

GradeCraft + DIG

We are thrilled that GradeCraft, our game-inspired learning management system designed and developed here at U-M, has officially become the fourth project to be housed within the Digital Innovation Greenhouse (DIG).

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Online Learning

Using Technology to Teach Current, Future, and Past Students, All At Once!

Perhaps we could extend the residential experience, so that some part of learning in Ann Arbor is made available before students arrive, and long after they depart. Might we find a way to engage today’s students in residence with those of the future, and the past, in a multigenerational intellectual exploration?

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Press Releases

Press Releases As pandemic raged, online learners hungry to find purpose, meaning in life Read More June 2, 2022 New MOOC specialization offers glimpse into

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