Extended Reality (XR)

In September 2019, Provost Martin Philbert called on the University of Michigan community to engage in a new campus-wide Extended Reality (XR) Initiative. This initiative will formally ask us to consider how we can leverage emerging XR technologies to strengthen the quality of a Michigan education, cultivate an interdisciplinary scholarly community of practice at Michigan, and enhance a nationwide network for academic innovation. 

The Center for Academic Innovation, known for bringing the U-M community together to extend academic excellence, expand public purpose, and discover new frontiers for teaching and learning, was charged by the Provost to lead this new strategic initiative. 

Over the next three years we aim to:

Seed new projects and experiments that integrate XR into residential curricula

Seed new projects and experiments that integrate XR into online curricula

Create innovative public/private partnerships to develop new XR related educational technology

We seek to accelerate innovation by connecting academic units, campus innovators, and industry partners who want to leverage XR to provide exciting new capabilities for interaction with digital content. We will explore how related technologies support the development of learner experiences that are immersive and embodied, imparting a sense of presence in a digital environment that is not possible with other forms of interactive digital technology. 

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